To live, To breathe


Anim” comes from the Latin anima, meaning “breath” or “soul”, and it generally describes something that is alive or lively, An animal is a living, breathing thing. Animism is the belief that inanimate things have a spirit and an awareness.

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Flow State and Retaining Walls’s class.

Have you ever experienced that blissful moment when you’re so focused on the task that you lose your sense of time? In psychology, there’s a term for that, “Flow State”.

Wikipedia defines it as “In positive psychology, a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting loss in one’s sense of space and time.”

I started with the meaning of “Flow State” cuz I’d like to say that I literally experience this state when I am listening to Dr. Masoud Hajialilue Bonablectures. I have studied 8 semesters in Civil Engineering, Had spent plenty of credits so far, Had solved lots of questions of soil mechanics but never have been understood Soil the way I did today. There are differences between professors who only give you some data and pieces of information (that you could easily find on any related textbooks) and those who give you wisdom like Dr.Hajialilue. Metaphorically he delicately conveys the burning fire of his candle to light up ours. 
I sincerely appreciate it.

The wisdom of Eliminating

Recently I’ve made some few important changes in my life.

  •   I quite Twitter, Telegram and deactivated Instagram. (those who know me in real life, know that i used to be a social network junkie and yeah, you guessed right, IT WAS NOT EASY.)
  •      I have entirely decluttered my room; including those things that I kept for memory’s sake and most of the time not even good memories. Right now i only keep two things : Things that are absolutely essential and Things that are incredibly beautiful and worthy (in my opinion of course).
  •     I’m so fond of minimalism lifestyle. I have kept some few clothes which are light,warm(since we’re in Autumn now) and in minimal colors .
  •     I’ve cut some relationships with people who I believed to be toxic in some ways and yeah, It is such a peaceful act of kindness you can do for yourself.
  •     I’ve created the habit of exercising 3 times a week.
  •     I’m getting much more aware of my thought patterns through meditation.
  •     I’ve created habit of reading “one book a week” (and I’ve finished 15 fiction books since then).
  •     I’m learning Accordion and Preparing for TOEFL exam with  self study . Also I’m managing my projects and University tasks.
  •     I’m planning to open my way to blogging world ( and hopefully it’ll improve my English writing and overall my writing skills too.)
  •     I’ve more free time and I’ve been devoting it to my family, some beloved friends and activities that either important for me or make me absolutely happy or just having more rest and doing nothing.

I want to say, because of all these changes my life is much simpler and yet, I’m much more happy. I’m still learning and trying to be aware of my thoughts. I’ve a long way to perfection but guess what? I’m doing my best and I’m good enough in lots of aspects.

” Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Clare Boothe Luce

Peace Zone


  • Dear My Diary! Last week was kinda extraordinary in my life. I was sitting in my room, On my favorite rug with all those minimal creatures depicted on it, thinking about how life could and could not be real, suddenly B called me up sayin:” Hey Saba! F called me and asked me to go camping with them tomorrow, she also mentioned calling u. I may not come but you should go.” That made me think. You know, I can never say NO to a nature camping, Let it be a Jungle Camping! Anyway I said yes! My Mom was in her protective mom mode constantly asking me about who you’ll gonna be with, When I’ll come, How I’m gonna go …. .
  • Theater cool kids! On the way to Kaleybar they all were dancing and stuff, reminding me of american teenagers on movies at first. I was drown in my thoughts and judgements of all kind, like why this why that? Is that manner ok?  i don’t want to come in detail.
  1. There was this guy M, with that cowboy hat that ended up being F ‘s boyfriend. When I first saw him I was like:” WHYYYY?” but then things were going much better. At the end I liked him when we had a Forrest run. We three; F and M and I.
  2. There was this guy F. Who ended up being P ‘s boyfriend. He was a musician and rather more mature than others in the group.
  3. There were some old friend of mine, The couple M and S. They were surprised as hell seeing me there and so i were!
  4. We had another musician who played tar, some other guys , my friend Sepid and that girl I felt pity for!

That day was nice. I learned a lot about human connections. You know there were people that I was judging them at the beginning but I ended up being like them and It wasn’t a bad thing!

I’m 21 but I still learn a lot about myself!

I also had a visit to Aras the other day, with family. I could shot some amazing b&w photos from mountains which looked stunning after editing with kodak effect in exposure. I like photography but i think it’d be much better posting them here rather than Instagram. We’ll figure it out!